Exhibition spaces are the pride of Esplora and will be a unique experience for Malta. Visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with every exhibit on in our Exhibits building. Showcasing diverse themes that complement each other and displaying Science as fundamental to life as we know it.

Main Exhibition Building

Esplora features approximately 200 interactive and educational exhibits about various scientific topics. These exhibits show how science is relevant to our daily lives and give an insight of how things actually work. The exhibition consists of exhibits related to planet earth, the human body, electricity, music, illusions and much more. Visitors have the opportunity of interacting with hands-on science such as launching a hot-air balloon or following the food’s journey inside our digestive system. Could you imagine playing a harp without strings, or producing fireworks? At Esplora you can! All of this is possible through the use of multimedia and interactive exhibits.

Main Hall

Upper Hall

Little Esploras



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