Esplora will function as a hub for all science communication in Malta. The Esplora team is open to linking up with interested parties across relevant sectors to collaborate on initiatives that promote science, inquiry based learning, scientific development projects, exhibition content development and more.

Our team is happy to discuss any proposals from all sectors to this end.

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A memorandum of understanding has been signed with MCAST


The HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop is the largest ever national environmental and educational campaign of its kind in Malta, and aims to forge a blueprint for progress on sustainability of water as a resource. Its aim is to educate every school-going child in Malta – comprising nearly 50,000 students – and encourages schools, corporates, NGOs, general public, and local councils to actively participate in water-conservation issues.

The HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop and Esplora entered into partnership in 2017.



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