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Summer TED-Ed Clubs at Esplora

Public Speaking | Creativity| Empowerment


Esplora Interactive Science Centre invites pupils, 8-18 years of age, to participate in the Summer TED-Ed Clubs 2017 at Esplora Interactive Science Centre.

Application form can be downloaded from here.



About TED-Ed Clubs


What are the goals of a TED-Ed Club?


What do meetings look like?


Students watching and vigorously discussing TED Talks and TED-Ed Lessons

The signature activity of a TED-Ed Club is students sharing, debating and discussing the ideas presented in TED Talks and TED-Ed Lessons.


Students developing and presenting their own ideas through TED-style talks

The TED-Ed Club meeting structure is designed to support students in being influenced by TED speakers, and ultimately developing and presenting big ideas based on their own passions. Students will also gain skills in storytelling/storyboarding, production, and creating visuals that communicate their ideas clearly. TED-Ed is committed to celebrating great student ideas by sharing student presentations and stories with the world via the award-winning web platform, ed.ted.com.


Connecting with TED-Ed Clubs around the world

 TED-Ed Clubs represent thousands of student groups from around the world actively pursuing and presenting their ideas. TED-Ed Club are connected to groups around the world.


Students creating TED-Ed style animations

Another increasingly important skill set is the ability to illustrate one’s big ideas. Animation is a fantastic and fun medium for acquiring and exercising this artistic skill. TED-Ed Club members and facilitators will receive materials that support them in developing a variety of animations skills including storyboarding, character design, stop motion animation and visualizing abstract ideas.


How can interested pupils apply for TED-Ed Clubs at Esplora?

Interested applicants are to fill-in the TED-Ed Clubs at Esplora application form and send it to the address indicated below by not later than Friday 9th June 2017.

Application forms can be downloaded from here.


Programme Development Unit

Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Villa Bighi

Kalkara, KKR 1320


Email: programmes@esplora.org.mt & clayton.a.cutajar@gov.mt / Phone: 25401920


When will TED-Ed Clubs at Esplora be held?


Club Period: Every Friday between 6pm and 8pm from July 7th to September 8th 2017.

Venue: Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Club Types:

LittleEsploras TED-Ed Club (8-11 years of age)

YoungEsploras TED-Ed Club (12-15 years of age)

YouthEsploras TED-ed Club (16-18 years of age)


Registration & Attendance: Free.


N.B. Up to 2 accompanying adults (per attendee) will be able to stay on premises for free in the outdoor exhibition spaces of Esplora and make use of the EsploraCafe for the duration of the club.




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TED-Ed Clubs

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