Welcome to the Esplora

Esplora Interactive Science Centre at Bighi is Malta’s latest visitor attraction which was officially opened on 26th October 2016.
This project is a first of its kind in Malta and has been led by The Malta Council for Science and Technology under the chairmanship of Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. Esplora has been partly funded by EU funds, seeking to cultivate a culture of scientific curiosity and imagination by igniting a passion for questioning, investigation where visitors at Esplora are encouraged to explore, think and imagine.

The renovated building now consists of several buildings and outdoor spaces, all interconnected following an extensive restoration and development process. The main exhibitions halls and the landscaped gardens consists of over 200 exhibits making this science centre fun. Moreover, there is an exciting Activity Centre for visitors to experience hands-on workshops and entertaining science shows, making science relevant to our everyday lives.

The Planetarium is one of the biggest attractions found at Esplora, with a stunning 10.7 meter in diameter structure, with a complete Colour space 4K theatre system. The system allows the planetarium to show both the best full-dome shows and live presenter-led visualizations of astronomy and other sciences. An exhibition about the Universe with focus on the Cosmos and Life in Space can be found within the Planetarium building. The Esplora Planetarium is suspended inside the shell of the old Auxiliary hospital building on the Grand Harbour the Esplora Planetarium is set to become a signature attraction in Malta.



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