Esplora at the Ziguzajg Arts Festival 2015

It was a great week of events for children organised by……

 Fondazzjoni Kreattività, a catalyst for the contemporary art scene in Malta, which aims to become a hub were people of all ages and from all walks of life can join in the enriching act of creativity. Therefore it was a pleasure that Esplora got to sponsor one of the shows, namely the exciting and creative ‘Squaring the Wheel’, which combines circus elements, strange mechanisms and contraptions, puppetry, magic and music into an unusual theatre extravaganza. 

The Esplora team did a pre-show activity for the children attending both the morning shows and the evening shows.

The Esplora Explainers introduced the concepts of Potential and Kinetic Energy using a set of purpose built dominos.

Esplora David


The children were very enthused and keen to try the activity out for themselves.



After the show Esplora balloons were handed out to all, creating a beautiful colour scape on leaving the theatre.



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