The Esplora project is a great example of a collaborative effort from across the public sector.

This week the team was very happy to host a number of guests for a private preview of what Esplora is all about and show our appreciation for their collaboration and useful contributions.

So many people from different government department and entities have been instrumental through the journey of transforming the old crumbling buildings of the glorious and proud Royal Navy Hospital Bighi, into a visitor centre like no other for Malta. Esplora Science Centre is really a collaborative effort from across the public sector.

With this appreciation in mind the Esplora team headed by MCST Chairman Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando prepared a morning of activities, specifically for a number of people and teams whom have been of great assistance over the past few years. Invites went out to our contacts at the Ministry for Education and Employment, Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry for Finance and MCST’s Board Members.

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Our esteemed guests joined us for the first public performance by our Science Presenters. The ‘Beautiful Bubbles’ show was a great success and brought much excitement and laughter from all; not only from the young children who were invited over from the nearby Primary school in Kalkara! Although maybe, just maybe, the adults had a little more restraint when asked not to pop the bubbles as they floated close to their noses.

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A short presentation by one of the Deputy Directors encapsulated what the whole experience of Esplora was going to offer, from similar science shows as the ‘Beautiful Bubbles’ just witnessed which will be taking place in the Activity Centre, the cutting edge technology to be presented in the #EsploraPlanetarium, to the unique outdoor science experience in the landscaping between the buildings.

A tour around the Main Exhibition building really whet the appetite of our guests for the interactive exhibits we have designed and installed. It was just fabulous to show off the spaces and explain some of the thinking and delivery processes to get to the multi-layered engaging exhibitions in the halls.

Guests Blog
Dr. Frank Fabri
Director General (Operations)
Ministry for Education and Employment

The Esplora team really appreciated everyone’s presence, engagement and enthusiasm, as the drive to deliver a great, value-filled experience is what this project has at its very core. We look forward to welcoming them back to Esplora as visitors with their families and friends in tow very soon.


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