Activity Centre

The Activity Centre is set up in its own building with two floors where visitors can experience science through hands-on activities, theatre, art and music. It will feature science shows about bubbles, sounds, our human body, electricity and more. Our audience will be engaged through exciting demonstrations and fun volunteering opportunities which will give them further insight into the fascinating world of science. Hands-on workshops for visitors of all ages are held in the upper floor of the activity centre, where participants will be able to launch rockets, use vegetables and plants as chemical indicators, and make use of programming tools to design games, amongst others.


The upper floor of the Activity Centre is where groups can take part in facilitated hands-on workshops for all ages. Participants will get a further insight into the wonderful world of science.


Fun with Forces

Get the children’s imagination going while they explore the concepts of gravity, positions and energy. Children will be allowed to explore their ideas to find out how things work – from investigating, to constructing and testing. Which ball will move the furthest after passing through their creation? It’s all in the hands of our little explorers!


A dynamic and creative playscape for children to explore, create, discover and learn. Our facilitator will engage with children and use SNUG to facilitate the children’s own creativity; helping children to do a variety of tasks – exercising their curiosity, exploring possibilities, making connections, trying things out, taking risks, testing and reviewing, using and showing their creations.

Colouring with Chemistry

Prepare to be amazed by the amazing world of chemistry! Draw a picture on what seems to be a normal sheet of paper, using no paint but common household chemicals. What’s happening here exactly? And what does a red cabbage have to do with all of this?

Bee Frenzy Parade

Go on an exciting adventure with a small lonely bee. Are you up to the task? Get hands-on in simple programming to give clear instructions to the bee. But hurry. Time will soon run out! And there is a reward waiting for the bravest and boldest!

DIY Coder Code-Club

Join the coding club where young people can learn how to create animations, games, websites and much more. Learning to code is a fun and social experience! This workshop is never the same as participants build their expertise through a series of tasks. Start from Scratch, then move on to Python, HTML & CSS. It is as easy as ABC.

Electronics: Wire Buzz

Try your hand as an electronic engineer with our super user-friendly kits. Learn the basics of electronic circuits and the secrets of soldering, then make your very own working electronic gadget.

Car-azy Construction

As a member of the Esplora Automative Engineering Team, you are assigned a task. Design and build a car in this exciting team building activity. Then, will you manage to improve the overall safety of your car? The time will come to test it out. No electronic dummies available! Only raw eggs allowed!

Maker Space: Tinkering

Explore simple machine elements such as cams, levers, and linkages, while creating a mechanical sculpture. Get creative and work with simple materials. It is easy to get started. Your art piece may become as complex as you would like it to be.

Up, Up and Away

Get hands on as we investigate rockets and learn how they shoot up in the sky. Use water and compressed air to launch a rocket. Experiment with different shapes of parachutes and design a recovery system. Have a safe journey!

Hands-on DNA

Extract and observe your own DNA using specialised laboratory equipment. Then take away your own DNA strand in a vial. It is what makes you unique and it should be treasured!

Science Shows

Entertaining science shows will be held for our visitors to explore the fascinating world of science through art, music, theatre, bangs, and more..

september, 2017

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Sounds Amazing

Are musical instruments too expensive? Join us to discover the workings of musical instruments, how sound is produced and can be altered, how it travels to our ears and learn how to make your very own musical instruments. You’re in for some bangs!

Science of You

Join us to discover the workings of our essential organs in our live science show. Through a series of exciting demonstrations, learn which your dominant eye is, how digestion takes place and whether you would like to be frozen and preserved!

Beautiful Bubbles

This interactive show features bubbles of all sizes going up, this way, that way, and all over the place… with a little help from the audience! Find out what bubbles are made of, how bubbles are formed, and you might even get the chance to step inside our famous human bubble.


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