Activity Centre

The Activity Centre is set up in its own building with two floors where visitors can experience science through hands-on activities, theatre, art and music. It will feature science shows about bubbles, sounds, our human body, electricity and more. Our audience will be engaged through exciting demonstrations and fun volunteering opportunities which will give them further insight into the fascinating world of science. Hands-on workshops for visitors of all ages are held in the upper floor of the activity centre, where participants will be able to launch rockets, use vegetables and plants as chemical indicators, and make use of programming tools to design games, amongst others.


The upper floor of the Activity Centre is where groups can take part in facilitated hands-on workshops for all ages. Participants will get a further insight into the wonderful world of science.

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Science Shows

Entertaining science shows will be held for our visitors to explore the fascinating world of science through art, music, theatre, bangs, and more.

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