Season’s Greetings

To all from our expanding Esplora team. The recruitment drive at Esplora has been going well and…….

we are very happy to end 2015 with a number of new recruits all of whom will contribute to a dynamic and exciting Esplora in 2016.


Steve Sciberras is Esplora’s Planetarium Presenter, curious by nature with a genuine interest in learning,  research, innovation and design drive him.

Steve is  a positive, can-do person who loves a good cup of tea.


Sarah Galea will be found in the Activity Centre setting up live shows as  one of Esplora’s new team of Science Show Presenters.

She loves conducting experiments and her enthusiasm for hands-on science is sure to rub off on all of us and well as inspire our visitors.


Leanne Hallet another of Esplora’s new team of Science Show Presenters, is into healthy living and loves to bake.

Her background and interests are a combination of  science and performing arts. Presenting Esplora’s Science Shows will suit her perfectly.


Claudine Muscat is another of Esplora’s new team of Science Show Presenter.

An educator at heart, at Esplora she is excited to be facilitating in bridging the gap between science and the general public.  Claudine loves a challenge and is passionate about sports.


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